About us

The Court Group of Companies is committed to delivering great value to  Customers in Pakistan. In the real estate industry, the Court Group of Companies has developed a formidable reputation over the years. The art of land creation has been redefined by this prestigious organization by venturing into the modern era of high-end construction. Our organization has planned and developed methodologies to cater for the ever growing demand of vertical living by creation of modern and luxurious towers and villas.


The Court Group of Companies builds neighborhoods and residences that are planned to last. We give our own character and identity to each of our residential estates. And we build jobs, from big companies to small families, for everybody.

We’re always wondering, “Could we live ourselves in it?” when we design new plans. Our homes, more than a roof over your head, are designed to help you live the life you want in a comfortable, versatile and secure unique climate.



QUALITY HOMES are what we do, but how we do it is born from the core principles that we keep as an Organization.


We are motivated by a passion to take the hard work out of the creation of land, and feel that we can make it simple & comfortable for our customers.


Knowing the market trends is our forte. The patterns, the rules, and the challenges, but for artistic speech, we take the knowledge and turn it into practice.




Simply building a house or a tower is not enough. We do our studies, and we buy huge land for fast growth. The atmosphere underlying our developments are in such areas where government investments are already in the city, and as well as local services such as stores, schools, malls and transport.


TCGC builds homes for better and reliable future, whether its customers first home, or a long-term family home, And the great thing about TCGC Towers is we design long lasting homes.


We want our customers and clients to get the best deal from their buck. We maintain stable, durable and clean housing, we make the most of resources by reducing material waste, and we collaborate with the company’s brightest & smartest minds.

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